George Swingler is a Life and Transition Coach who offers a safe and non-judgmental place for you to find your own answers

About me
I’m an Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics & Child Health at the University of Cape Town and former Chief Specialist at Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town. I recently took early retirement after almost 40 years of clinical practice, education & training, research and senior leadership and management, to start a coaching practice.                                                                                                               >> More on qualifications  and experience

Why do that?  Well, as I grew older it became clearer to me that things of lasting value most often start with people, not programmes, and in individual relationships rather than inherently depersonalising institutions. 

George Swingler Life & Transition Coach
Why coaching?  I had received coaching in my job and, after sessions, I often asked myself "How did that happen?!" The more I learned about the process the more I recognised how coaching skills could help me in management. I took some short courses and ended up with a formal qualification. I started thinking about coaching as a part of my retirement plan and, as time passed, I found fewer and fewer reasons to wait until retirement age. I determined to make the most of the rest of my life, and took the plunge! 

I am married with three children and four step-children (six of them young adults), and Louis, an extravagantly eccentric Jack Russell. My interests include running (road and trail), the outdoors, gardening and watching things grow. I sing and dance so badly that I usually pretend I'm joking.