George Swingler is a Life and Transition Coach who offers a safe and non-judgmental place for you to find your own answers


Is this really my life...?  

...or the passion's gone?

  You've spent your life planning for your future, and now it's here! It's not what you expected, and it's finite. Whose idea was this anyway? Why didn't it work out like it should have? Is this what you really want to be doing?
Things have gone well, on balance, but the fire has gone out. You're in a comfort zone, you're bored and that's hard to admit even to yourself. But, with all your commitments, it's easier not to rock the boat and to just drift with the stream...

An opportunity?

  These feelings usher in an easily missed, but crucial, opportunity for renewal. Notice its arrival, and don't ignore it! The alternative is stagnation.

How I can help

I've been there, and I know what it feels like. I was drawn into a focus on achievement and the competitive pursuit of recognition. I've known the loneliness, fear and shame that almost all of us feel. With many hiccups, I somehow found a way to develop into different facets of the same job, and then re-tooled for a different career.
How we'd work together
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