George Swingler is a Life and Transition Coach who offers a safe and non-judgmental place for you to find your own answers

Practical details

Individual coaching

    I coach from home in Tokai, Cape Town.

    An initial face-to-face meeting is preferable, If feasible.
    We can of course combine face-to-face and Skype in a way that works best for you.

    I don't currently offer group programmes for personal clients. However, if you are interested in a group      or groups, please let me know, with the topic(s) that interest you.

If you wish to explore working together

The next step is to meet (face-to-face if feasible, or by Skype or phone), for a session of up to an hour (without charge or obligation) to talk about how things would work.

After that, we’ll both have a better sense of whether my type of coaching would be the best for you.

If you're not ready just yet

​​Feel free to get in touch  as and when you feel the time has come.
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