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Coaching via Skype
Online coaching is widely used. It’s not quite the same as face-to-face , but Skype coaching does have some benefits of its own. Depending on your circumstances it could be the preferable option for you.  


  • Coaching can take place anywhere there is Internet contact
    • in the comfort of your own home or office, or most other places in the world
    • outside of working hours, if both sides agree and time zone differences permit
  • Time-saving
    • no travel time

  • Skype is free except for the data you use
  • Usually no travel expenses

  • Wider range of coaches
    • different people work better with different coaches, so it’s vital to find the right coach for you
    • your choice via Skype is not as limited by time and space
  • Maintains coaching momentum when you’re out of town or can’t otherwise get to face-to-face sessions
  • You can record the session (audio alone, or with video) by using one of >>several apps, including free options

Audio or video?

Many people prefer Skype audio alone. With video it’s difficult to maintain eye contact because neither party can look at both the other person and the webcam at the same time. This distracts from the many auditory cues that would otherwise enhance audio communication. Audio also needs less bandwidth than video, should you find yourself in settings where this is limited. (See “What you need” below for video bandwidth requirements.) 

What you need

Access to the Internet, with sufficient bandwidth
  • Audio calls should work with most internet connections.
  • Video calls use more bandwidth (minimum 128 kilobytes/second; recommended 300 kilobytes/second)
    • If you have difficulty with call quality:
      • close other applications using the Internet, especially those playing music or video:
      • cancel any file transfers in progress.

A microphone, plus a webcam for video calls
  • Most laptops and computers now have these built in anyway
  • A good quality headset can aid reception, but is usually not essential  >>Click here for Skype-approved models

A Skype account
  • This is free >>Click here to download the software and start setting up.  

How we'd go about it

If it’s easy for you to get to me, the introductory session should ideally be face-to-face. This usually helps us ‘connect’ quicker.

We agree on a suitable time and date, taking any time zone difference into account. 

You send me your Skype address, and I call you at the agreed time and date.

The cost?

How we'd work together
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