George Swingler is a Life and Transition Coach who offers a safe and non-judgmental place for you to find your own answers

Young Adult

On the launch pad to independence...?

...or had a look around for a few years?

This is what you've been waiting for! It's-so-exciting-and-you're terrified..! The possibilities seem endless, but so uncertain. Will you find a job? Will you be good enough? How can you work this all out on your own!? And your friends seem just as confused. Maybe you could move back to your parents for a while? Save money to pay back loans, buy some time, and slowly work things out? After all, they've got DStv and uncapped Internet...
You've travelled, had a few jobs. And a few relationships, especially the one you left behind in... 
You're not sure you made all the right decisions. Now here you are, still not sure of what you should be doing. You're not sure how far you are behind your peers. Or are you ahead of them? Or just missing in action? Maybe you'll study further, but where do you find the money..? 

An opportunity?

This is the time to form your identity, to get more clarity about who you are. You may have fewer commitments now than at any other time in your life, with a chance for exploration, experimenting, travel, relationships. 

How I can help

It's a long time since I was where you are, but I do remember what it felt like and I have 6 young adult children and step-children to keep me up to date. Plus I've spent 30 years training and mentoring young adults as they develop into fully fledged professionals.
How we'd work together
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